Paraphimosis In Dogs

Paraphimosis In Dogs – Why Your Dog Penis Is Stuck

As a pet owner, you must have seen your male dog experience paraphimosis at one point. Maybe after he was done mating or peeing. Then his red rocket gets stuck outside and it’s clearly obvious that he’s in pain.

In this article, I’ll uncover all you need to know about paraphimosis in dogs, it’s causes, symptoms, cure, treatment, and first aid for paraphimosis. 

What is Paraphimosis

When your dog penis stuck outside the sheath or not it is the right spot, he may be experiencing a condition known as Paraphimosis. Paraphimosis occurs when a male dog or cat is unable to retract it’s penis back into its sheath/prepuce. It is a medical condition that occurs when the penis of a male dog or cat bulges out from the sheath around the penis (prepuce), becomes stuck, and does not return to its normal position.

This is a painful experience for most dogs and the penis is exposed to harmful bacteria and germs that can cause serious infection, inflammation, tissue decay, and other serious complications. Unlike other parts of their body, the penis does not have a protective skin coating. So it has to be in the prepuce for protection and safety. If left exposed over a while, your .

If your dog penis is stuck outside, you should be very concerned and find a solution to that problem. When his penis is stuck outside, it rarely retracts on its own. Visiting a vet is the best thing you can do but there are some home remedies for paraphimosis that you can do to your dog to make him feel better.

Symptoms Of Paraphimosis In Dog

Treatment For Paraphimosis In Dogs

Just in case you didn’t know your dog had Paraphimosis until his penis became stuck. Some signs give out the condition, that allows you to know that he is in great pain and need help. Some of the signs of Paraphimosis in dogs are:

  • Insistent licking of the genital area
  • fluid accumulation in the tissues
  • Swelling of the penis. This swelling can be very painful and often prevents normal urination.
  • The penis may even change its color from red to purple or black.
  • Whining when he is urinating

Causes Of Paraphimosis in Dog

If you want to solve a problem, you have to find the cause. For us to understand why a dog’s penis gets stuck, we have to understand the dog’s anatomy. A dog’s penis should naturally be able to retract into the prepuce.

After mating, a dog red rocket should retract when it is all over but when it is still out for more than 20 minutes, you are likely dealing with paraphimosis. When a dog penis is stuck out, something is preventing it from returning to its normal position.

Here are some of the causes of paraphimosis in any dog:

  1. Clogging:

Most times when a dog lipstick is stuck outside, it is because the hair around the penis is blocking the prepuce and preventing erection from occurring. The hair around the penis prevent lubrication, without the fluid that causes lubrication, the dog penis cannot return to its normal position. This strangulates the penis.

Paraphimosis is not just caused by hair clog during mating. Sometimes, it occurs when the dog goes out to urinate. The best thing to do help your dog by removing excess hair around the private part, or helping him to unroll the inverted sheath so his penis can return to normal.

  1. Hereditary & Genetics

Paraphimosis is sometimes hereditary. Some dogs have been known to inherit this condition from their parents. Most times, the opening of the sheath is smaller and the length is shorter than normal. So every time the penis comes out, it becomes trapped outside or too painful to bring back in.

  1. Tumors, Cancer & Trauma

Neurologic problems are another common cause of paraphimosis in dogs. Sometimes, the penis of your dog to hang out of the sheath because of paralysis in his rear legs, infection or injury.

Treatment Of Paraphimosis In Dog

Let’s say your vet lives far away. There is DIY first aid treatment that you can do to ease his pain and reduce the swelling before taking him to an animal hospital or veterinary clinic. Here are some of the best home treatment for Paraphimosis in dogs:

  • Remove all of the foreign objects around the penis, including sand, strings, tangled hair and other foreign material strangling the penis. Lubricate the penis as soon as you discover that the penis sheath is clogged. You can apply jellies, honey or salves. You should also make sure that the area is moisturized.
  • Clean the area around the penis and apply sugar paste, honey, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, ice or any other special solution that would stop the swelling. The solution will create a reaction with the tissues around the penis, forcing it to release fluids, reduce the swelling and return the penis to its normal position.
  • Give your dog a quick cold bath. This would calm him down and take his mind away from the pain. After his bath massage the whole area with essential oil and a cold towel. it should stop the swelling and pain.

Paraphimosis is considered an emergency. Don’t wait for it to go back inside on its own if it is exposed for more than 30 minutes. When every penis is stuck outside the sheath, the best thing to do is to try to return the penis into the sheath. Your best course of action I to take your dog to a veterinarian.

Your dog may go into surgery for prepuce enlargement and proper positioning/replacement of the penis. Surgical amputation of the penis is one of the most effective ways to treat advanced Paraphimosis.

Your veterinarian will attempt to insert a urinary catheter in the penis if he still has problems in urinating. This is easier and almost painless for most dogs. Your vet will also administer antibiotics if he detects infection or inflammation.

The penis may have been severely damaged and unhealthy due to overexposure. So the best thing to do is to cut it off before it causes further damage. After surgery, postoperative medications will be prescribed, make sure he takes it.

After treatment, you have to keep a close eye on your dog, so you know if he is still in pain or can urinate properly. This allows you to evaluate how successful the surgery was and remove the sutures.

Prevention Of Paraphimosis In Dog

One of the best ways to prevent Paraphimosis in dogs is to trim or remove all unnecessary or excess hair around your dog’s penis. Make sure that all the hair around the prepuce is short or clean.

Your dog’s red rocket should not be stuck out for more than 20 minutes after mating or urinating. The more exposed it is, the more likely it is to become infected or dry up and become unhealthy.

Be alert, so you can call your veterinarian if you see any other signs of any signs of prognosis or congenital problems. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from undergoing surgery is early treatment. The earlier the better I always say. Early treatment would save your dog a lot of pain.

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