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Are you looking for the “perfect” vet? Or you want a regular vet that is right for you and your pet? When most pet owners need a vet, they get their recommendation from Google search results by searching for “Vets near me” and run to the first name they see.

Finding the right vet has proven to be a daunting task. Millions of people have lost hundreds of Dollars to bad veterinarians. While others depend on “perfect” veterinarian with overpriced services.

There a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a vet. Do you look for quality or budget? How do you know that your vet is the right person for your pet?

How to Find The Perfect Vet For Your Pet

How to choose a vet

Choosing a good vet is not as easy as it seems. If you just adopted a pet, you moved to another city or you’re thinking of changing vets, here is a personal checklist I generated for my aunt in France and it worked for her.

In this article, I’m going to give you a step by step guide that will help you choose the right veterinarian for your pet.

1. Who’s The Patient?

One of the best decisions you can make as a good pet owner is finding your pet a good veterinarian. And when looking for a good veterinarian near you, you must first have your pet in mind. 

Is your vet good with dogs, cats, birds, lizards or cattle? What makes him qualifies to administer medication to your little pooch? Ask him a question and see if the answers to the questions are rational or logical. This plays a big part in choosing the right vet for your dog. 

2. Who’s the Vet?

A degree in veterinary medicine doesn’t make him/her a good vet. Like regular doctors & surgeons for humans, some veterinarians specialize in various fields “colleges”. When choosing a good vet, you should always put this into consideration. 

For example, if you want to treat flea and tick infection on dogs, you typically visit a veterinarian that specializes in skin infections and treatment [dermatologists]. There are also other fields like veterinary dermatologists like neurologists, internists, ophthalmologists, allergists, surgeons…

Some veterinarians specialize in small animals, exotic pets, livestock, dogs or cats. Be sure to know where your vets specialize in before you make him your go-to guy.

3. How Good Is He With Pet?

Let’s be sincere, If they were two vets available in your city, The Incredible Dr. Pol and The Grand Dr. Lisa Anderson. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would prefer Dr. Pol over me. The guy is a reality TV superstar from Nat Geo Wild for God’s sake.

 This is how it is everywhere. A lot of vets spend time building trust and reputation. You’ve seen Dr. Pol work and you know that he’s pretty good with both pets, animals, and livestock. He has over 19,000 clients, performed close to 10,000 successful surgeries and has also been a vet half of his life. Of course, you can trust him with the life of your pet.

I’m not saying that you should not try out newbies like me. You should, as soon as you know we are qualified.  For new veterinarians like me, there are millions of ways to get our name out there and build trust other than starring a reality tv show, blog or website. One of my personal favorites is using the power of social media.

You can easily get the word out using your social handles. Shoot live videos of your work. How you removed a mop from the stomach of a bulldog or how you saved a horse that passed out in labor… Post the extra-ordinary and you are sure to get eyes looking your way. 

4. What’s Your Budget?

Money is another factor that you must consider when choosing a vet. I was surprised when I saw the bills and receipts of veterinarians in Beverly hill. This was nearly 4 times was being charged in Florida.

To be sincere, it was a little overpriced. Yea, your little pooch deserves that extra love but when a vet tries to turn your love into a was to get rich scheme, you have to back off and look for one that offers the same services for a better price.

Besides it no news that most dog trainers and vets offer shitty services with outrageous prices. Don’t be fooled by thinking quality comes at a high-price. You can get quality pet treatment on a small budget.

5. Meet Other Vets

Another way to find a good vet near you is by asking other vets for recommendations. You can ask for help from other vets. You can call your vet and ask questions or get advice. Your veterinarian can also recommend a vet close to you that he feels can do the job. You can also ask for recommendations from vets in the animal clinic.

6. Do a Quality Check

Book an Appointment and run a quality check while you are there. When you go you an appointment, you should look for signs that would allow knowing if this is the right place for your pet or not. The nature of their operation and code of conduct can easily help you tell if they are good veterinarians or not.

Here are a few things you should look out for on your first appointment to an animal clinic:

  • How co-ordinated are staff members? You should first check out things like the number of people working in the clinic and their roles like veterinarians, receptionists, vet tech, and other administrative workers. If it’s not a big organization, but a small one with 2-5 staff, check how co-ordinated they are and do they have essential equipment like scale, X-ray, emergency vehicle, other states of the art gadget and a standard laboratory.
  • How busy are they? Whey you walk into an animal clinic on a Saturday afternoon and see a lot of patients with their pets, this is usually a good sign that you are in the right place.
  • How far is the place? Can you easily rush them when there’s an emergency? Distance also plays a major part when choosing a veterinarian. The closer, the better.
  • How clean is the place? Yea sure, you are bound to see strands of hair on the floor but anything out of the usual is off. The surgery room and storage ought to be squeaky clean. You should check if the place is clean, spacious, and hygienic to bring your pet to.

Once you see how the veterinarian or the animal clinic run their business after 3 visits, you should be able to know whether this is the right place for your dog or not.

7. Ask For Recommendation 

Word of the mouth and recommendation is another perfect way to find a good vet in your area. Especially if you recently moved out to your new place. This is way better than “Veterinary near me”.

You can ask your new neighbors or friends who also have pets to recommend a good vet to you. If this proves to be unsuccessful, you can contact us or other websites that love dogs like over, dog time, the country vet, PetMD and other pet shelters, grooming salon, and pet boarding centers near you, they will be glad to help. 

You can also get a recommendation from professional bodies like the American Animal Hospital Association. If there is a good vet near you, they’d know. Most vets and aminal hospitals accredited by the AAHA offer standard pet care and treatment. So instead of Googling “Vets near me”, try “Vets accredited by AAHA near me”. You can also read reviews dropped on by customers on their Google business page. 

8. Check Their Website

Every good veterinarian should have a website. A business card and flyer is just not enough. Before you take your pet to see the veterinarian, try to visit his website or blog, so you can get foresight on what to expect.

Although some experienced veterinarians have ugly looking sites that are never updated, you can find key information like his services, years of experiences, successes & awards, employees, and rates.

If your vet doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t mean that he is a terrible veterinarian, maybe he’s just starting or knows nothing about WordPress or CMS. You can also check out his business profile on his Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In.

9. Follow your gut

Your veterinarian is going to be a problem-solver and an important character when the health your dog is treated. You must trust him or her and feel comfortable asking questions. When choosing a vet, you have to trust your guts sometimes. The AAHA recommends that you ask yourself these questions  after your first appointment with a new veterinarian:

• Do you feel at ease with this vet?

• Did you ask enough questions?

• Did he/she answer all your questions and explain things in a way you understood?

You should be comfortable when a veterinarian is with your pet. If something seems off whether with his behavior or method of application, trust your instincts and look for a new doctor.

10. Be A Good Client

If you want a good vet, you should also be a good client or customer. Make sure that you are on your best behavior when you are around your veterinarian. You should visit and leave the animal clinic feeling positive and interacting warmly with the doctors and other staff members. Once you start behaving this way, you will build a strong relationship with them and have a  good rapport with the veterinarian.

Your relationship with the veterinarians should be a two-sided collaboration since you both want the best for your pet. Communication is key when it comes to receiving quality vet care. Be calm even when your pet is in pain and tell the vet your dog is hurts, his medical history, allergies, and other symptoms so he can do his work. The vet would listen carefully and know what to do.

By working together, you and the veterinarian can solve any health issue confronting your pet. Other ways that you can be a good client are:

  • Being on time for appointments.
  • Stay calm and be patients, vets have temper also.
  • Ask questions if you have any.

Choosing a good vet is a smart move if you really love your dog. Try to spend enough time finding one whose profile fits you best. It’s not just about finding a  well-educated veterinarian but one that cares about your furry little baby. Are you still having problem finding a good vet, send us an email and we’ll help you find one for free!

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Ok, do you need a good name for your pup? Or you’re welcoming a new dog to the family and you need the perfect dog name for her? Some people can pick a good dog name in a flash and for others, this can cause a serious headache.

I know how it feels trying to pick the perfect name for your dog but no name you choose seems to stick. Well, I’m here to save the day. I’ve compiled a list of containing over 800 cute names for your furry, four-legged family member.

How to Pick The Perfect Dog Name For Dog

Best Dogs Names

Most pet owners think naming a dog is easy until the big day comes, then all hell breaks loose. Choosing the right name for your dog is a really big deal, it’s like choosing a name for your baby or business. A good name plays an important role in a dog’s training, morale, and socialization.

Here’s a guide I always following when I’m picking a new name for my dog.

  1. Keep It Simple

You have to idea how easy it is to pick a good dog name. My brother had a bulldog once and he named her “Bulldozer” and it fit her perfectly. When picking a name for your dog, keep things simple.

Short names with one or two syllables are the best names for dogs. This is good because once you call their name, it grabs their attention and they respond.

You should also know that when choosing the perfect dog name makes training your dog easier. A good dog name has to fit your pet’s personality. Here’s a list of simple and cool names for dogs:

  • Food and Beverage names for dogs – Ginger, Oreo, Sugar, Peanuts, Biscuits, Pumpkin, Snickers…
  • Celebrity names for dogs – Kim, Ariana, Daina, Flair, Diesel, Kobe, Ciara, Charlotte, Lady…
  • Superhero names for dogs – Barry, Flash, Logan, Bruce, Clark, Mary Jane, Groot, Thor, Zeus… See it’s that easy. Pick a name that you can relate to and go with it.
  1. Go for Popular Names

You can ease up the whole task by going for common dog names. You can choose to name your dog after your best friend in college, you can name your dog after the place you grew up, you can even name your dog after your favorite color.

If you are still having a hard time picking the “Perfect” name for your new pooch, here are some of the most popular dog names in the United States.

Dog Name Tips
Popular Names For Male DogsPopular Names ForFemale Dogs
  1. Name Her After a Family Member

Yea, this sounds odd but since you’re welcoming a new member to your family, you should choose a name that is not just right but perfect. This is one of the easiest ways to pick a good dog name.

But when naming your dog after your family member, don’t name her after someone that lives in the same house with you so they don’t confuse each other when you call.

And also, do not pick a dog name that is similar or sounds like the name of another family member. For example, if your daughter’s name is “Penny” and you name your dog is “Lenny”, you will be having two confused people every time you say their names.

Here’s a list of simple but catchy names for family dogs:

  • Betty
  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Lily
  • Bella
  • Harry
  • Arya
  • Blue
  • Maya
  • Leo
  1. Pick Names With Positive Context

You can name your dog after his personality. Why do you think that most people name their dog Chase? You can easily pick a good dog name from his personality. There are good dog names that go with their personalities like Billy, Bully, Jack, Lake, and Cookie.

  1. Avoid Dog Names That Sounds Like Commands

When naming your dog stay clear of names that sound like or rhyme with common command. These types of names have been known to confuse the dog in training. Names like Jay (Stay), Kit (Sit), Luke (Look)…

  1. Pick Names With Sharp Consonant

Dogs respond to names with sharp sounding consonants like K, C, H, P… Research from experts & animal behaviorists have proven that dog responds better to names with hard consonants.

These sounds are easily captured by the dog’s ears and stimulate receptors in their dog’s brain, thereby grabbing more attention. They instantly know that you are talking yo them.

Top 100 Most Popular Dog Name

Bella came on top as the most popular name for female dogs and Max came #1 for male dogs. This list contains 100 cute dog names that are also popular, cool and badass.

Still looking for a cool dog name, here are the most popular dog names in the United States, Australia, the UK, and Canada.

  1. Bella
  2. Charlie
  3. Max
  4. Molly
  5. Coco
  6. Bailey
  7. Milo
  8. Daisy
  9. Harry
  10. Cooper
  11. Bear
  12. Rocky
  13. Alfie
  14. Hugo
  15. Bonnie
  16. Pepper
  17. Lily
  18. Jack
  19. Harley
  20. Chloe
  21. Lulu
  22. Missy
  23. Jasper
  24. Billy
  25. Nala
  26. Tilly
  27. Archie
  28. Ollie
  29. Rosie
  30. Buddy
  31. Ruby
  32. Oscar
  33. Lucy
  34. Lola
  35. Frankie
  36. Toby
  37. Roxy
  38. Rusty
  39. Gus
  40. Bruno
  41. Ziggy
  42. Millie
  43. Poppy
  44. Luna
  45. Baxter
  46. Dexter
  47. Diesel
  48. Willow
  49. Barney
  50. Monty
  51. Zeus
  52. Zoe
  53. Stella
  54. Sasha
  55. Teddy
  56. Simba
  57. Leo
  58. Maggie
  59. George
  60. Mia
  61. Holly
  62. Benji
  63. Henry
  64. Marley
  65. Winston
  66. Pippa
  67. Shadow
  68. Sam
  69. Buster
  70. Chester
  71. Sophie
  72. Chilli
  73. Lucky
  74. Cookie
  75. Harvey
  76. Bruce
  77. Jax
  78. Rex
  79. Louie
  80. Bentley
  81. Ellie
  82. Duke
  83. Penny
  84. Honey
  85. Milly
  86. Ella
  87. Ralph
  88. Loki
  89. Lexi
  90. Billie
  91. Louis
  92. Murphy
  93. Lilly
  94. Jessie
  95. Jet
  96. Banjo
  97. Beau
  98. Scout
  99. Charlie
  100. Cleo

Female Dogs Names

Best Female Dog Name

This list also contains good dog names for puppies. You can choose anyone from the 260 female dog names that we collected.

  1. Tasha
  2. Bella
  3. Fanny
  4. Sydney
  5. Sophie
  6. Star
  7. Willow
  8. Sweetie
  9. Sam
  10. Samantha
  11. Kallie
  12. Xena
  13. Hope
  14. Snickers
  15. Jackie
  16. Izzy
  17. Poppy
  18. Juno
  19. Juliet
  20. Jersey
  21. Kali
  22. Ivy
  23. Isabella
  24. Inez
  25. Ibby
  26. Tilly
  27. Honey
  28. Diamond
  29. Smokey
  30. Holly
  31. Hershey
  32. Heidi
  33. Hazel
  34. Delia
  35. Darlene
  36. Darla
  37. Hailey
  1. Maggie
  2. Madison
  3. Maddie
  4. Macy
  5. Liberty
  6. Libby
  7. Lexi
  8. Bella
  9. Bean
  10. Basil
  11. Bailey
  12. Baby
  13. Harper
  14. Zoe
  15. Zelda
  16. Sissy
  17. Pixie
  18. Karma
  19. Sky
  20. Shelby
  21. Winnie
  22. Greta
  23. Sierra
  24. Shiloh
  25. Tootsie
  26. Polly
  27. Angel
  28. Amber
  29. Fanny
  30. Willow
  31. Tasha
  32. Sydney
  33. Sweetie
  34. Samantha
  35. Sam
  36. Star
  37. Sophie
  38. Anna
  39. Fanny
  40. Faith
  41. Eva
  42. Emmy
  43. Faith
  44. Eva
  45. Emmy
  46. Greta
  47. Abby
  48. Violet
  49. Sandy
  50. Sally
  51. Alyssa
  52. Fanny
  53. Faith
  54. Eva
  55. Emmy
  56. Greta
  57. Alice
  58. Gracie
  59. Grace
  60. Ellie
  61. Alexis
  62. Sage
  63. Goldie
  64. Emma
  65. Ginger
  66. Missy
  67. Minnie
  68. Summer
  69. Suki
  70. Tessa
  71. Sophia
  72. Elsa
  73. Hannah
  74. Sheba
  75. Delilah
  76. Gypsy
  77. Peaches
  78. Foxy
  79. Fiona
  80. Fern
  81. Ella
  82. Edie
  83. Eden
  84. Destiny
  85. Daphne
  86. Harley
  87. Julia
  88. Josie
  89. Jill
  90. Jessie
  91. Chloe
  92. Chanel
  93. Chance
  94. Cookie
  95. Missy
  96. Minnie
  97. Lady
  98. Annie
  99. Brownie
  100. Coco
  101. Cleo
  102. Cinnamon
  103. Missy
  104. Minnie
  105. Betsy
  106. Belle
  107. Blondie
  108. Cassie
  109. Camilla
  110. Callie
  111. Buffy
  112. Riley
  113. Misty
  114. Biscuit
  115. Mitzi
  116. Gigi
  117. Gidget
  118. Daisy
  119. Cricket
  120. Misty
  121. Misty
  122. Pebbles
  123. Nikki
  124. Nellie
  125. Nell
  126. Nala
  127. Mya
  128. Kona
  129. Brooklyn
  130. Brandy
  131. Rose
  132. Addie
  133. Princess
  134. Misty
  135. Missy
  136. Minnie
  137. Precious
  138. Sasha
  139. Phoebe
  140. Pepper
  141. Mitzi
  142. Lady
  143. Rosie
  144. Carla
  145. Candy
  146. Trixie
  147. Roxy
  148. Pippa
  149. Casey
  150. Carmela
  151. Scarlet
  152. Piper
  153. Olive
  154. Pearl
  155. Peanut
  156. Olivia
  157. Nina
  158. Nori
  159. Nola
  160. Noel
  161. Penny
  162. Koko
  163. Kira
  164. Muffin
  165. Moxie
  166. Morgan
  167. Molly
  168. Mocha
  169. Lacy
  170. Kate
  171. Mila
  172. Mika
  173. Mimi
  174. Maya
  175. Mattie
  176. Lucky
  177. Duchess
  178. Dolly
  179. Dixie
  180. Kiki
  181. Mitzi
  182. Misty
  183. Missy
  184. Minnie
  185. Lady
  186. Matilda
  187. Marley
  188. Lulu
  189. Khloe
  190. Mackenzie
  191. Mabel
  192. Luna
  193. Millie
  194. Kelsey
  195. Kayla
  196. Katie
  197. Paris
  198. Oreo
  199. Mandy
  200. Maisy
  201. Miley
  202. Mia
  203. Sadie
  204. Pandora
  205. London
  206. Lola
  207. Lizzy
  208. Jenna
  209. Lily
  210. Lena
  211. Leia
  212. Layla
  213. Jasmine
  214. Jade
  215. Jada
  216. Gemma
  217. Gabby
  218. Diva
  219. Paisley
  220. Gia
  221. Georgia
  222. Dana
  223. Dakota
  224. Ruby
  225. Shadow
  226. Savannah
  227. Sassy
  228. Raven
  229. Priscilla

Male Dogs Name

Best Male Dog Name

We also picked up 380 male dog names that you would like. This names are just right for “boy dogs” and male puppies. These are the cutest names for male dogs:

  1. CJ
  2. Marley
  3. Max
  4. Denver
  5. Ace
  6. Ash
  7. Boomer
  8. Blaze
  9. Maximus
  10. Kobe
  11. Abe
  12. Abbott
  13. Clifford
  14. Aero
  15. Aries
  16. Chip
  17. Artie
  18. Archie
  19. Brady
  20. Apollo
  21. Cody
  22. Coco
  23. Chief
  24. Zeus
  25. Wally
  26. Tyler
  27. Tucker
  28. Clyde
  29. Clifford
  30. CJ
  31. Chip
  32. Chief
  33. Ziggy
  34. Willy
  35. Watson
  36. Walter
  37. Wally
  38. Vinnie
  39. Yukon
  40. Yoshi
  41. Yogi
  42. Alden
  43. Tucker
  44. Tripp
  45. Trapper
  46. Dexter
  47. Cash
  48. Carter
  49. Walter
  50. Wally
  51. Zane
  52. Champ
  53. Casper
  54. Fisher
  55. Dodge
  56. Diesel
  57. Diego
  58. Tripp
  59. Trapper
  60. Aero
  61. Ace
  62. Baxter
  63. Barkley
  64. Archie
  65. Apollo
  66. Axel
  67. Alden
  68. Baron
  69. Baxter
  70. Angus
  71. Dane
  72. Aries
  73. Damien
  74. Andy
  75. Amos
  76. Baron
  77. Barney
  78. Alvin
  79. Barney
  80. Cooper
  81. Bear
  82. Barkley
  83. Alex
  84. Bandit
  85. Dante
  86. Axel
  87. Austin
  88. Bailey
  89. Vinnie
  90. Vince
  91. Tyson
  92. Alfie
  93. Ash
  94. Artie
  95. Bandit
  96. Austin
  97. Bruno
  98. Vinnie
  99. Vince
  100. Tyson
  101. Albert
  102. AJ
  103. Aiden
  104. Aero
  105. Alden
  106. Elmer
  107. Eli
  108. Eddie
  109. Dylan
  110. Albert
  111. Cody
  112. Walter
  113. Bingo
  114. Benny
  115. Coco
  116. AJ
  117. Aiden
  118. Abbott
  119. Willy
  120. Aries
  121. Milo
  122. Miles
  123. Clyde
  124. Chewy
  125. Casper
  126. Archie
  127. Apollo
  128. Watson
  129. Benji
  130. Artie
  131. Bingo
  132. Beau
  133. Vince
  134. Finn
  135. Felix
  136. Moose
  137. Moe
  138. Damien
  139. Chance
  140. Abe
  141. Evan
  142. Brody
  143. Emmett
  144. Duke
  145. Bear
  146. Bruce
  147. Tyson
  148. Tyler
  149. Drew
  150. Billy
  151. Bentley
  152. Benny
  153. Benji
  154. Coco
  155. Dante
  156. Dane
  157. Chico
  158. Alden
  159. Albert
  160. AJ
  161. Chance
  162. Aiden
  163. Bruno
  164. Abe
  165. Abbott
  166. Tucker
  167. Tripp
  168. Trapper
  169. Chase
  170. Charlie
  171. Chester
  172. Bruce
  173. Brownie
  174. Buck
  175. Champ
  176. Bubba
  177. Brody
  178. Bentley
  179. Chip
  180. Brutus
  181. Chief
  182. Blue
  183. Blaze
  184. Jesse
  185. Jax
  186. Leo
  187. Blake
  188. Chico
  189. Brownie
  190. Johnny
  191. Joey
  192. Cody
  193. CJ
  194. Billy
  195. Chico
  196. Walter
  197. Wally
  198. Vinnie
  199. Peanut
  200. Snoopy
  201. Smoky
  202. Vince
  203. Tyson
  204. Bo
  205. Champ
  206. Buzz
  207. Butch
  208. Buster
  209. Lenny
  210. Chewy
  211. Colby
  212. Brady
  213. Wally
  214. Casper
  215. Cash
  216. Cooper
  217. Boomer
  218. Willy
  219. Watson
  220. Tyler
  221. Vince
  222. Chance
  223. Captain
  224. Koda
  225. Copper
  226. Walter
  227. Parker
  228. Pablo
  229. Charlie
  230. Clyde
  231. Clifford
  232. Archie
  233. Amos
  234. Andy
  235. Tyson
  236. Vinnie
  237. Cash
  238. Alvin
  239. Alfie
  240. Alex
  241. Cain
  242. Carter
  243. Captain
  244. Abe
  245. Sparky
  246. Apollo
  247. Angus
  248. Buzz
  249. Butch
  250. Carter
  251. Captain
  252. Andy
  253. Cain
  254. Spencer
  255. Buzz
  256. Buddy
  257. Brody
  258. Brady
  259. Boomer
  260. Angus
  261. Cain
  262. Abbott
  263. Aries
  264. Buster
  265. Scooter
  266. Bo
  267. Bubba
  268. Brutus
  269. Toby
  270. Buck
  271. Bruce
  272. Brownie
  273. Butch
  274. Buster
  275. Buck
  276. Alex
  277. Buddy
  278. TJ
  279. Buddy
  280. Shamus
  281. Scrappy
  282. Blue
  283. Ted
  284. Scout
  285. Simon
  286. Simba
  287. Bruno
  288. Amos
  289. Alvin
  290. Alfie
  291. dy
  292. Tank
  293. Blaze
  294. Taz
  295. Shiloh
  296. Storm
  297. Stewie
  298. Rufus
  299. Rudy
  300. Blake
  301. Bingo
  302. Billy
  303. Shadow
  304. Scooby
  305. Sawyer
  306. Rocco
  307. Stanley
  308. Spot
  309. Spike
  310. Rusty
  311. Ringo
  312. Thor
  313. Theo
  314. Tesla
  315. Samson
  316. Taco
  317. Rosco
  318. Romeo
  319. Rocky
  320. Rockwell
  321. Sam
  322. Sarge
  323. Titus
  324. Sammy
  325. Ricky
  326. Rex
  327. Remy
  328. Oscar
  329. Oreo
  330. Riley
  331. Rider
  332. Ollie
  333. Oliver
  334. Lewis
  335. Levi
  336. Ozzy
  337. Otto
  338. Aiden
  339. Nico
  340. Nero
  341. Nelson
  342. Otis
  343. Odin
  344. Odie
  345. Ned
  346. Murphy
  347. Morris
  348. Mickey
  1. Oakley
  2. Norm
  3. AJ
  4. Marty
  5. Blake
  6. Maverick
  7. Luke
  8. Noah
  9. Lucky
  10. Louie
  11. Loki
  12. Logan
  13. Alden
  14. Albert
  15. Bo
  16. Aiden
  17. Frankie
  18. Colby
  19. Blue
  20. Leroy
  21. Aero
  22. Ace
  23. Gage
  24. Albert
  25. AJ
  26. Benji
  27. Abe
  28. Abbott
  29. Bentley
  30. Benny
  31. Aero
  32. Ace
  33. Bailey
  34. Fritz
  35. Freddy
  36. Beau
  37. Flash

These are some of the best dog names for popular breeds pugs, labradors, bulldogs, beagles, spaniels, terriers, and retrievers. It’s easy to pick a cool dog name if you put your heart to it.

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How to Take Care Of Pregnant Dogs And New Puppies https://bulldogspost.com/pregnant-dogs-care/ https://bulldogspost.com/pregnant-dogs-care/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 21:00:33 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=27 How to Take Care Of Pregnant Dogs And New Puppies Read More »

you expecting a litter of puppies or did you discover that your dog is pregnant? Well anyways, as a responsible dog owner you ought to take extra care of your dog if you want her to live a long and fulfilled life, especially during that 3 months pregnancy period.

The first thing you need to know about pregnancy in dogs is that it is a completely natural process. Your dog can handle it completely on its own, her instincts will guide her, but your assistance is still needed.

You can only play a supervisory role by assisting and encouraging her, you also need to make sure that the newborn puppies are safe and comfortable. You also need to have your dog pregnancy supplies ready and waiting for the big day.

Then whelping. This is a medical term used to describe pregnancy in dogs. Your dogs go into the whelping period about 3 months after mating. This is where are the signs will begin to show and you can start taking care of your pregnant dog.


Pregnant Dog Tips

As a new pet owner, you may have run into a little trouble detecting pregnancy in dogs, plus dogs don’t have a pregnancy test kit. So, what do you do? How do you know that your dog is pregnant?

When planning to breed your dog, you need to know the length of the whelping and gestation period in dogs. So, when she goes into labor, it doesn’t take you unaware.

Your dog will be a mommy so, so everyone has to be on high alert. Knowing your dog pregnancy period is pregnant will prepare both you and the pregnant dogs for things like veterinary checkups, whelping, feeding, and even workout routines.

These are the best ways to know your dog’s pregnancy status.

1. Visit your Local Veterinarian

Vet doctors can easily verify pregnancy in dogs. During your dog pregnancy period, you will need to see your veterinarian 2-3 times a week to determine the due date for labor, medication changes, nutrition, and the number of puppies.

Your veterinarian can also run blood tests, ultrasound, hormone, relaxin tests, and abdominal palpation. Your local vet can also help you determine if your dog is having a false pregnancy [a condition were a dog looks and acts pregnant but she’s not] or just a bit sick.

2. Go for Ultrasound

Ultrasound machines are one of the best ways to know our dog pregnancy status. You should take your dog for Ultrasound tests 3 weeks after mating. The Ultrasound machines allow you to see the puppies in your dog’s womb and determine the number of puppies by detecting fetal heartbeats in her womb.

When your dog is close to labor, you will begin to see the pups moving inside her. If you are expecting a litter of 5 puppies but only 4 were born, you will need to take your dog for emergency medical care for operation.

3. Use an X-ray

X-rays are also some of the best ways to know if your dog is pregnant. You’ll have to wait for around 45-55 days after mating for you to go for an X-ray test. This is because the puppies’ skeletal framework does not show until the 6th week. When it’s time, the X-ray should pick up there give an accurate number of puppies in the womb.

4. Perform A Diagnostic Test

You can also tell if your dog is pregnant by performing abdominal palpation. abdominal palpation allows you to verify your bitch pregnancy by feeling the puppy sacks inside your dog’s belly.

You can only perform this type of diagnostic test 20-30 days into the pregnancy. By then, the newborn puppies feel like rounded like little lemons or golfballs.

Abdominal palpation has a kick to it, it is very tricky so it has to be performed by specialized or trained. Any misstep could damage the pups if not done properly. So, do not perform abdominal palpation without assistance from a veterinarian.

5. Change in Appetite/Habits

You can also know if your dog is pregnant by taking notes of er behaviors which include her appetite, aggression, constant whining, and weight gain. These behaviors vary in breeds and location of the dog.

Signs of Dog Pregnancy

Although using X-ray and ultrasound machines are the best ways to know if your dog is pregnant, there are also other good signs of dog pregnancy that you need to look out for such as:

  • Increase in appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Increase in Abdomen size
  • Viginal discharge
  • Constant vomiting
  • Discharge mucus and lick her vulva
  • Restlessness & fatigue
  • Frequent meals 
  • Increase in nipple size

These behaviors differ in dog breeds and location.


1. Go For Pre-Natal Check-Ups:

you need to for regular veterinary checkups to make sure your dog and her puppies stay healthy during pregnancy. Your veterinarian will also inform you of health issues, illness, discomfort or malnutrition if any.

You need to make sure that your dog gets proper prenatal care. This will ensure that your dog and her puppies come back strong after labor and delivery respectively. The immune system of newborn puppies is not strong enough to combat certain diseases, thus increases the chances of most of them dying just days after delivery.

If you want to ensure the safety of your dog and her puppies make sure you vaccinate her before whelping. It is not advisable to vaccinate a pregnant dog. So, you should make sure that vaccines administered ahead of time either after mating or the early pregnancy stage. Make sure your dog is vaccinated before she goes into labor. 

You also need to get your dog dewormed to protect both your dog and her puppies from internal parasites. These parasites can easily be transferred from pregnant dogs to her puppies. Is will sad to have newborn pups that refuse to eat right? So. Ask your vet for the best medication for pregnant dogs.

2. Exercise

You will also need to have little work out sessions with your pregnant dog so she can stay strong, healthy and keep her muscle tone throughout before and after the pregnancy.

You don’t need to do push-ups and high jumps just short paced daily walks. Allow her to stroll around the house, garden or lawn.

You should also stay away from dog parks or congested areas to avoid injury or infections.

3. Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important factors that determine the outcome of a pregnant dog and her puppies. Make sure your bitch receives proper nutrition. Pregnant dogs should only receive good quality dog food and have a healthy weight before they go into labor.

Some misguided websites recommend giving your dog calcium but your dog does not need any additional calcium. Extra calcium can cause eclampsia, affect the health of your dog which are fatal in most cases since it disrupts the dog’s ability to regulate calcium.

The best thing to feed a pregnant dog is a protein-rich diet. Pregnant dogs have higher nutritional demands. Adding meats to your dog’s meal plan will make her decrease her carbohydrates and energy consumption. The Puppy food and meal plan should also contain a significant amount of protein, essential vitamins, energy, fat, and minerals.

You should also increase your dog food by 35-50%.you don’t need to make any change to her diet unless instructed by your veterinarian. Also, avoid feeding your dog large-breed dog foods during whelping because these types of dog food do not contain enough energy or calcium for pregnant dogs.

4. Medications

You should also take your dog to see the vet 2-3 times a week for recommended treatments and medication. Do not administer pills or syrup yourself, some medicines are dangerous to the pregnant dog and her unborn puppies.

Talk to your veterinarian about dog flea and tick treatments, dewormers, supplements, vaccinations, and injections for pregnant dogs. Emergencies also happen during dog pregnancy, so be prepared for one. You can also ask your vet for dog pregnancy emergency tips.

If your dog is on long-term medications talk to your veterinarian immediately concerning the effects of these drugs on pregnant dogs. So you can know whether the dog will stop or continue taking the drugs.


Weeks Symptoms
Week one (days 0-7) This is the period after mating, fertilization will occur and your dog may begin to have signs of morning sickness.
Week two (days 7-14) The fertilized eggs have reached the uterus and will begin to develop into small embryos. The vet won’t be able to detect pregnancy in the dog until after 25 days.
Week three (days 14-21) The fetuses have attached to the walls around the uterus, this is the stage where your dog typically have an increase in appetite.
Week four (days 21-28)  The growing puppies can now be seen on an Ultrasound machine and X-ray. This is where fatigue sets in on dogs.
Week five (days 28-35) The amniotic fluid increases in the uterus as well as the size of the pups in the womb. This is the phase where your pregnant dog begins to add weight.
Week six (days 35-42) This is the final stage of gestation, her nipples should enlarge till it becomes visible. There will also be more frequent discharge from the vulva.
Week seven (days 42-49) Your pregnant dog will begin shedding the hair around her abdomen and should start producing milk. At this stage, your dog will always look for a private place to rest.
Week eight (days 49-57) The pups begin to move around her stomach. The dog will almost always be on its side lying down. You should not let her partake in any strenuous activity to prevent premature labor.
 Week nine (days 57-65) Your dog will always be in the whelping area and it will be soaked with milk dripping from her breast. There will also be a drop in her body temperature which signals the arrival of new pups.
Pups birthday [Whelping] This is the end of it all, after about 2 hours of labor, you will have a new litter of puppies searching for milk. This is where the irresistible puppy smell sets in and you’ll have to shop for puppy food.

Dog Pregnancy Emergency Inventory and Supplies

  • Big Sized whelping box for easy movement.
  • Clean Cotton towels, Paper towels and cotton wool to clean pup the new pups.
  • Whelping pads
  • Calendar and notebook
  • Thermometer for a temperature check
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol &Anticeptic
  • Dental floss or heavy thread to tie the umbilical cords.
  • Scale to check the weight
  • Unwaxed dental floss to tie off the umbilical cords
  • Clean/sterilized scissors to cut umbilical cords
  • A heating pad to keep the puppies warm.


  • After her 5th week, she will be tired and exhausted, so allow her to rest as long as she needs it.
  • Dogs can be aggressive during and after Whelping, so you would want to give her some space.
  • Do not supplement your dog’s food with meats, vitamins or minerals unless instructed by your veterinarian.
  • Pregnant dogs still need Daily walks and low-intensity exercise to stay in great shape.
  • Keep your dogs away from other dogs especially strays during the last weeks to labor.
  • Keep your dog whelping box in a private place that doesn’t draw to much attention, so she can rest properly.
  • Do not overfeed your dog, even if you increase her plan. The meal should be just enough to satisfy her and also keep a little extra in case she gets hungry before the next meal.


  • Make sure that the Whelping box is always clean and free from sharp objects.
  • Do not cut the placenta, live it to dry up.
  • Make sure the puppies are warm enough before you go out.
  • Do not let other pets get too close.
  • Keep extra food and water close to the whelping box for both the bitch and her pups.

I wish you a magical experience. That’s how to Take Care Of your Pregnant Dogs And New Puppies.

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Paraphimosis In Dogs – Why Your Dog Penis Is Stuck https://bulldogspost.com/paraphimosis-in-dogs/ https://bulldogspost.com/paraphimosis-in-dogs/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:53:38 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=21 Paraphimosis In Dogs – Why Your Dog Penis Is Stuck Read More »

As a pet owner, you must have seen your male dog experience paraphimosis at one point. Maybe after he was done mating or peeing. Then his red rocket gets stuck outside and it’s clearly obvious that he’s in pain.

In this article, I’ll uncover all you need to know about paraphimosis in dogs, it’s causes, symptoms, cure, treatment, and first aid for paraphimosis. 

What is Paraphimosis

When your dog penis stuck outside the sheath or not it is the right spot, he may be experiencing a condition known as Paraphimosis. Paraphimosis occurs when a male dog or cat is unable to retract it’s penis back into its sheath/prepuce. It is a medical condition that occurs when the penis of a male dog or cat bulges out from the sheath around the penis (prepuce), becomes stuck, and does not return to its normal position.

This is a painful experience for most dogs and the penis is exposed to harmful bacteria and germs that can cause serious infection, inflammation, tissue decay, and other serious complications. Unlike other parts of their body, the penis does not have a protective skin coating. So it has to be in the prepuce for protection and safety. If left exposed over a while, your .

If your dog penis is stuck outside, you should be very concerned and find a solution to that problem. When his penis is stuck outside, it rarely retracts on its own. Visiting a vet is the best thing you can do but there are some home remedies for paraphimosis that you can do to your dog to make him feel better.

Symptoms Of Paraphimosis In Dog

Treatment For Paraphimosis In Dogs

Just in case you didn’t know your dog had Paraphimosis until his penis became stuck. Some signs give out the condition, that allows you to know that he is in great pain and need help. Some of the signs of Paraphimosis in dogs are:

  • Insistent licking of the genital area
  • fluid accumulation in the tissues
  • Swelling of the penis. This swelling can be very painful and often prevents normal urination.
  • The penis may even change its color from red to purple or black.
  • Whining when he is urinating

Causes Of Paraphimosis in Dog

If you want to solve a problem, you have to find the cause. For us to understand why a dog’s penis gets stuck, we have to understand the dog’s anatomy. A dog’s penis should naturally be able to retract into the prepuce.

After mating, a dog red rocket should retract when it is all over but when it is still out for more than 20 minutes, you are likely dealing with paraphimosis. When a dog penis is stuck out, something is preventing it from returning to its normal position.

Here are some of the causes of paraphimosis in any dog:

  1. Clogging:

Most times when a dog lipstick is stuck outside, it is because the hair around the penis is blocking the prepuce and preventing erection from occurring. The hair around the penis prevent lubrication, without the fluid that causes lubrication, the dog penis cannot return to its normal position. This strangulates the penis.

Paraphimosis is not just caused by hair clog during mating. Sometimes, it occurs when the dog goes out to urinate. The best thing to do help your dog by removing excess hair around the private part, or helping him to unroll the inverted sheath so his penis can return to normal.

  1. Hereditary & Genetics

Paraphimosis is sometimes hereditary. Some dogs have been known to inherit this condition from their parents. Most times, the opening of the sheath is smaller and the length is shorter than normal. So every time the penis comes out, it becomes trapped outside or too painful to bring back in.

  1. Tumors, Cancer & Trauma

Neurologic problems are another common cause of paraphimosis in dogs. Sometimes, the penis of your dog to hang out of the sheath because of paralysis in his rear legs, infection or injury.

Treatment Of Paraphimosis In Dog

Let’s say your vet lives far away. There is DIY first aid treatment that you can do to ease his pain and reduce the swelling before taking him to an animal hospital or veterinary clinic. Here are some of the best home treatment for Paraphimosis in dogs:

  • Remove all of the foreign objects around the penis, including sand, strings, tangled hair and other foreign material strangling the penis. Lubricate the penis as soon as you discover that the penis sheath is clogged. You can apply jellies, honey or salves. You should also make sure that the area is moisturized.
  • Clean the area around the penis and apply sugar paste, honey, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, ice or any other special solution that would stop the swelling. The solution will create a reaction with the tissues around the penis, forcing it to release fluids, reduce the swelling and return the penis to its normal position.
  • Give your dog a quick cold bath. This would calm him down and take his mind away from the pain. After his bath massage the whole area with essential oil and a cold towel. it should stop the swelling and pain.

Paraphimosis is considered an emergency. Don’t wait for it to go back inside on its own if it is exposed for more than 30 minutes. When every penis is stuck outside the sheath, the best thing to do is to try to return the penis into the sheath. Your best course of action I to take your dog to a veterinarian.

Your dog may go into surgery for prepuce enlargement and proper positioning/replacement of the penis. Surgical amputation of the penis is one of the most effective ways to treat advanced Paraphimosis.

Your veterinarian will attempt to insert a urinary catheter in the penis if he still has problems in urinating. This is easier and almost painless for most dogs. Your vet will also administer antibiotics if he detects infection or inflammation.

The penis may have been severely damaged and unhealthy due to overexposure. So the best thing to do is to cut it off before it causes further damage. After surgery, postoperative medications will be prescribed, make sure he takes it.

After treatment, you have to keep a close eye on your dog, so you know if he is still in pain or can urinate properly. This allows you to evaluate how successful the surgery was and remove the sutures.

Prevention Of Paraphimosis In Dog

One of the best ways to prevent Paraphimosis in dogs is to trim or remove all unnecessary or excess hair around your dog’s penis. Make sure that all the hair around the prepuce is short or clean.

Your dog’s red rocket should not be stuck out for more than 20 minutes after mating or urinating. The more exposed it is, the more likely it is to become infected or dry up and become unhealthy.

Be alert, so you can call your veterinarian if you see any other signs of any signs of prognosis or congenital problems. One of the best ways to prevent your dog from undergoing surgery is early treatment. The earlier the better I always say. Early treatment would save your dog a lot of pain.

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70 Pet-Friendly Hotels Chains Near You https://bulldogspost.com/pet-friendly-hotels/ https://bulldogspost.com/pet-friendly-hotels/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:50:34 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=17 70 Pet-Friendly Hotels Chains Near You Read More »

Are you looking for pet-friendly hotels or need a vacation with your dog? Then this guide is for you. I travel a lot with my dogs and we’ve been to a handful of luxurious hotels that accepts pets.

I know how it feels to arrive from a long flight and when you want to lodge into a hotel, then a stern-looking receptionist keeps steering at you before they point to the no dog sign. Sometimes, even hotels that accept pets but still charge you extra. Yea, I know that feeling. A lot of hotels still don’t accommodate pets in their rooms.

Don’t lose hope, there are hundreds of dog-friendly hotel chains in the world. There are over 400,000 pet-friendly hotels in the United States alone. The best thing is that they also come in different plans from economic to luxury, so reassured, you can have a wonderful and pocket-friendly stay for both you and your pooch.

This article contains a list of pet-friendly hotel chains in the USA, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Europe, and the UK. When you are done reading this guide, you will have no problem when checking in with your pet and have a wonderful experience in one of the coolest hotel brands with your pet.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In America

Dog Friendly Hotels in the United States

As said earlier, A lot of hotels still have no pet policy, while other hotels charge you extra per night for your furry best friend. A lot of the hotels on this list are a renowned pet-friendly hostel, and they don’t charge you extra for bringing your little pooch. Call your hotel in advance and review their pet policy before your arrival.

Do you feel bad when you leave your pet behind when going on vacation? Here’s a list of pet-friendly hotels in the United States.

  1. Trump Towers

Trump tower is perhaps the most renowned pet hotel in the United States. The Trump International Hotel & Tower welcomes pets of all breeds. Only 2 pets less than 25 lbs are allowed in a room for an additional fee of $50 per stay. But pets are not permitted in pools or spa rooms.

  1. Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Are you looking for luxury dog-friendly hotels? You should visit the Sheraton hotel & resorts. This is one of the best pet loving hotels in America. You and your pet are sure to have a comfortable and wonderful experience here.

  1. Motel 6

Motel 6 has over 1,200 pet-friendly properties in the United States and Canada that offer accommodation at a pocket-friendly price. This is a pet-friendly motel that allows pets of all sizes and breeds for all travelers for an affordable price.

All Motel 6 facilities and lodging that are pet-friendly and allows pet of all sizes with no fee. Motel 6 has some of the finest facilities that allow both you and your pet to enjoy your stay on a budget no matter the season. Motel 6 allows pets per room with no fee.

  1. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is perhaps the most famous pet-friendly hotel in America. This hotel allows pets with no extra fee. Did you get that? no extra cost for that weight less than 80 pounds. This hotel chain also gives your pet gluten-free treats on arrival.

  1. Best Western International

Are you looking for a hotel with pet-friendly hospitality? Then look no further. The Best Western is one of the world’s largest hotel chains with nearly 2,000 pet-friendly hotels & suites worldwide. This is one of the best places to have a luxurious stay with a little buster. They charge $30/day or $150 per week for pets lodging.

  1. W Hotels

Nothing says a dog hotel like the W hotels and suites. All pets get treats on arrival and a deluxe dog bed in each room, but there’s a catch. They charge $50 per animal. That aside, this is a great place for a weekend vacation.

When you’ve worked hard enough and need a short break, rush down to W hotels and have the time of your life, with your pet of course. This is a cool pet-friendly hotel that pampers both you and your pet, allowing you both to feel at home.

  1. Towneplace

Towneplace is a pet-loving hotel & resort specifically designed for travelers who want to relax and spend quality time with their pets. You can feel at home in this hotel. You can bring your furniture, recliner, and other amenities, so you get optimum comfort.

  1. Choice Hotels

ChoiceHotels is another luxurious hotel that welcomes pets with open arms. This pet-friendly hotel chain has over 2,000 pet-friendly properties found across the USA.

  1. Kimpton Hotels

If you are looking for a good hotel that allows dogs, then rush down to the Kimpton hotel and restaurant. Kimpton has well over 100 super attractive hotels and resorts across America. The best thing about Kimpton is that it accepts pets of all kinds, sizes, and breeds at no extra cost. Your pet also gets his bed, food and water bowl, mat and towel.

  1. La Quinta Inns & Suites

La Quinta has over 850 hotel chains located from coast to coast across the United States. They boast of some of the finest rooms and dining in America. This affordable hotel & resort is one of the best dog-friendly hotels in the USA. This hotel only allows 2 pets per room.

  1. Aloft Hotels

Aloft has over 100 pet-friendly hotels. This is one of the best places to lodge in if you are traveling with your pet. Aloft is one of the coolest hotels in the USA. They also boast of hosting live music from touring bands, free WI-Fi, swimming pool and of course dog treats.

This dog-friendly hotel accommodates dogs below 40 pounds at no extra charge. You can call to find a pet-friendly room for you and your furry little friends.

  1. Rodeway Inn

Rodeway Inn is another travel destination for dog-loving Americans in America. This hotel chain has over 100 pet-loving properties that offer budget-friendly accommodation in a simple but classy setting.

  1. Westin Hotels & Resorts

Westin hotel is another animal-friendly hotel that comes with a lot of benefits to travelers. This hotel comes with some of the biggest pet-friendly lodges in the United States.

  1. Comfort Inn

Comfort inn is another American based pet-friendly chain that gives the perfect blend of quality and service at an affordable price. This pet-friendly hotel chain makes sure that you and your pet get the maximum satisfaction and care before you live.

  1. Americas Best Value Inns

America’s Best value stands as one of the fastest-growing hotel brands in the United States. This pet-friendly hotel boasts of a clean and conducive environment for you and your dog, cat, snake or lizard.

  1. Candlewood Suites

Candlewood has over 100 pet-friendly locations in the USA. This hotel brand offers the best comfort for both family and pets. Candlewood prices also come at a pocket-friendly rate and no-extra fee for pets that weigh less than 80 lbs.

  1. Clarion Inns & Suites

Clarion has some of the most affordable prices for luxurious accommodation. This hotel chain has close to a hundred pet-friendly properties and lodging spread across the United States.

  1. Courtyard Marriott

Courtyard Marriott is a business & leisure destination in the United States that loves pets. This hotel gives gluten-free treats to both dogs and cats. You are sure to have a comfortable and stress-free stay.

The Courtyard Marriott also makes sure that you get that optimum satisfaction that you crave by offering super-fast internet access, hot buffet breakfast, and brunch, personalized orders, 24/7 swimming pool & food access, and conducive environ for business.

  1. Econo Lodge

Econolodge has over 400 pet-friendly properties found across the United States. This hotel chain ensures that both you and your pet understand the true meaning of comfort. This brand offers delightful accommodation at pocket-friendly prices.

  1. Comfort Suites

Like the name, Comfort suites is a business and leisure spot for travelers in the USA. They make sure that both you and your pet gets optimum comfort during your stay. Comfort suites have over 100 pet-friendly properties that offer oversized rooms at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Fairfield Inn

Loving for a hotel with excellent designs and award-winning hospitality? Then head right to Fairfield Inn Marriott. This pet-loving hotel is widely known for its hospitality and comfort. Best of all, the prices for accommodation are super low and affordable.

  1. Residence Inn

If you are looking for an excellent getaway in the United States, then rush down to Resident Inn. Residence inn pet-friendly vacation spot that provides excellent dining, bar, and well-styled rooms that help you forget the hustle and bustle in the city.

  1. Springhill Suites

You can also check into the pet-friendly Springhill Suites to get genuine luxury for both you and your pet. The rooms in this hotel have more space than regular hotels and come with a pet bed with neat beddings, modern designs, and amenities, all at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge is another affordable hotel lodging for both travelers and pets. This hotel offers you a simple housing solution, in an urban environment. Comforts and convenience are assured for travelers with pets in this hotel.

  1. Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental hotel is another pet-loving hotel chain found across the United States. This has one of the best dog-friendly accommodations in America. There is a separate bed for you and your pet in each room. You can also request one if you like.

  1. Holiday Inn

Holiday inn is one of the best hotels to rest after a long travel in the United States. Found across America, Holiday inn has over 450 properties that accept pets of all kinds for $50/night.

  1. Quality Inn

Quality Inn has been proving comfort to pet-loving Americans for over 60 years. This hotel chain offers you a cheap dog-friendly holiday with great value and superb comfort.

  1. Studio 6

Studio 6 is a business hotel that also makes room to accommodate pets. This pet-friendly hotel is well furnished and has alluring designs that allow both travelers and their pets to have a comfy stay throughout their stay.

  1. Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America has over 700 pet-friendly hotels and suites for animal-loving travelers. This hotel brand doesn’t just make sure that you have a delightful stay but also want your pet to feel at home also. This is the perfect hotel for both you and your pet.

  1. The Ascend Hotel Collection

Ascend Hotel chain is a boutique hotel that allows pets. His you to enjoy an elegant lodging experience with pet-friendly hospitality. This pet-friendly hotel allows you to enjoy your stay with your furry best friend by your side.

Pet-Friendly Hotels In The USA

Pet-Friendly Hotels In The USA

Here’s a list of other pet-friendly hotels in the USA.  The hotels in this list also accept pets as guests. Although I couldn’t go through their pet policy, some of my friends said they had an amazing time with there pets here. Here are other notable pet-friendly hotels in the United States:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton
  2. Lamb and Lion
  3. Four Season
  4. Virgin Hotels
  5. Even Hotels
  6. Staypineapple
  7. Graduate Hotels
  8. Loews Hotels
  9. The Peninsula Hotels
  10. Hilton Hotels
  11. DoubleTree by Hilton
  12. Home2Suites By Hilton
  13. Marriott
  14. Renaissance Hotels

10 Best Pet-friendly Hotels In England, United Kingdom

10 Best Pet-friendly Hotels In England, United Kingdom

If you are traveling to the UK, we won’t leave you in the dark about dog-friendly hotels in the UK. Although I didn’t have enough time to cover their pet policy, there are all renowned hotels that welcome pets with open arms. These are the best pet-friendly hotels in the UK.

  1. The Lawrence Hotel, Lancashire
  2. Four Seasons Hotel, Winchfield, Hampshire
  3. Hilton Garden Inn Doncaster Racecourse
  4. Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, London
  5. St Michaels Resort, Falmouth, Cornwall
  6. New Park Manor, Hampshire
  7. The Blue Boar, Witney, Oxfordshire
  8. Vintry & Mercer, London
  9. The Sheep on Sheep Street, Cotswolds
  10. Staybridge Suites – London – Heathrow Bath Road

10 Best Pet-friendly Hotels In Canada

Yea for Canada!!! Thank goodness there are also pet-friendly hotels in Canada. Most fo there are franchises of the ones in the United States. Every pet owners know the pain of leaving a pet behind for a vacation, it just doesn’t feel right. Here are the best dog-friendly hotels in Canada:

  1. Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver
  2. Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino
  3. Manoir Hovey, North Hatley
  4. Auberge Saint-Antoine, Québec City
  5. Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver
  6. Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver
  7. Canada Best Value Inn
  8. Novoton Hotels
  9. The Hazelton Hotel, Toronto
  10. Le Germain Hotel, Québec City
  11. Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, Montreal

10 Best Pet-friendly Hotels In Australia

Dogs love to swim in beaches, climb mountains, roam about in the forest and enjoy the breeze of the outdoors as much as we do. Australia is a great place to go for a dog vacation. Just teach your dog how to run when he sees a snake, alligator or crocodile in the outback. That aside, here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Australia:

  1. Poinsettia Motel
  2. Advance Motel
  3. Haven Marina
  4. Toreador Motel
  5. Winchester Motel
  6. The Waterfront Wynyard
  7. City View Motel
  8. Gariwerd Motel
  9. Best Western Colonial Village Motel
  10. Motel Riverina
  11. Dragon Phoenix Motel & Restaurant

10 Best Pet-friendly Hotels In Europe

If you are heading to any state in the European Union, there are so many dog-friendly hotels that you can choose from and so of them stands out from the other. But these are some of the best I could find when surfing online.

  1. Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas
  2. Grand Hotel Ambasciatori
  3. Dunmore House Hotel
  4. Agios Gordios Beach Resort
  5. Castello – Lake Front Hotel & Living Suite
  6. Hotel Lemongarden
  7. Esperanza Resort and SPA
  8. Villa Marandi Luxury Suites
  9. Il San Pietro di Positano
  10. Sofitel Grand Sopot
  11. Marienlyst Strandhotel
  12. Hotel Belvedere
  13. Beach Motel St. Peter-Ording
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Why Dogs Run Away https://bulldogspost.com/why-dogs-run-away/ https://bulldogspost.com/why-dogs-run-away/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:46:45 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=16 Why Dogs Run Away Read More »

Over 70 million stray animals are living in the United States, and dogs make up 14% of this figure. Almost 10 million stray dogs are running around in the U.S. and most shelters can’t accommodate more than 4,000.

Most dogs accidentally run away from home and end up becoming strays. Stray or street dogs are pets/animals that are lost, have strayed from home or are allowed to roam freely by their owners, some have never been owned.

Stray dogs may be purebreds, mixed-breed dogs, or unbred and can be a major problem in the society where they stay due to overpopulation. I’ve always been a big fan of dogs, seeing stray dogs breaks my heart. These “unwanted” dogs are left on the streets to feed for themselves and end up contracting diseases, cold and sometimes die due to the harsh conditions, environmental hazards, violence or poising.

There isn’t a month that goes by without hearing a report or two about missing dogs in a particular neighborhood. There are hundreds of posters and banners by the streets or on Facebook with images of the dogs and sad messages, some even over rewards. This is usually a devastating time for pet owners. Some dogs are found as soon as the banners are posted, while others are never found. So, why do dogs run away from home?

Why do dogs run away from home?

Why Dogs Run Away

Over 80% of stray dogs die because they lack basic survival skills. The reason why dogs run away still baffles me, even if you are a bad pet owner. They have loyalty in their genes. But I’ve been able to come up with 5 good reasons why dogs run away. These reasons best explain why dogs run away:

  1. Abuse & Neglect

Sadly, some dogs run away because of abuse and neglect from owners. People also get rid of their dogs because they always attack guests or the mailman, they soil the carpet, chew $100 running shoes, destroy couches, and litter the home. They neglect and abuse the dog receive a day may be too much to bear, this makes moving out seem like his best option for survival.

There is a reason why there are so many unwanted dogs out on the streets. Most times, it is because the owners of these dogs don’t value them. Other times, it’s because they find these dogs hard to train or control.

There is a reason why there are so many unwanted dogs out on the streets. Most times, it is because the owners of these dogs don’t value them. Other times, it’s because they find these dogs hard to train or control.

  1. To Find Mate

Unneutered males and unspayed females dogs sometimes wander to find food or mate and loose there way back home. dogs can travel very long distances to find a mate when they are in heat, in which case he will follow his nose to find her. Male dogs can smell a female dog in heat for long distances. If its too far from home, the dog would lose its ways and end up becoming strays.

  1. Distractions, Boredom & Fear

Dogs that belong to good pet owners are not likely to run away. The main reason why your dog ran away was that he was scared off by a loud noise or weird moving object.

Some dogs become strays because they are under-stimulated in their home and prefer the comfort of outdoor. Just like humans, canines hates sitting in the living room all day. When they go out, they sometimes get over-excited or distracted by new smells, loud noises, animals or objects, so they investigate or chase the smell until they lose their way back.

  1. Natural Disasters 

During natural disasters, catastrophic events or accidents, it is very likely that the dog involved will run away. In events like fires, hurricane, tornado or flood, dogs can run away looking for a good hiding place for protection and ends up getting lost.

Places like Kansas where tornados hit from time to time are popular with missing dogs. Dogs can sense these catastrophic phenomena early and seek good places for protection. But in the wake of the disaster, they lose their way back.

How to Prevent your Dog from Running Away

Research has shown that many strays are lost pets who were not provided with identification or properly kept indoors. Knowing dogs, they will always find a way to get what they want. They can travel up to 34 blocks looking for a mate. However, there are measures that you can put in place to control his actions or find him at least when he gets lost. These are the best ways to prevent your dog from running away.

  1. Use a Pet fence

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from running away is by purchasing a dog fence. This is a small device that you can easily use to keep a close eye on your dog without being there. A pet fence is also known as the fenceless boundary is a machine with electronic control, designed to keep dogs within a predefined boundary.

A fenceless barrier does not need a physical barrier to operate. It is a simple collar that delivers a mild electric shock once the dog steps out of the predefined boundary and the warning alarm is ignored.

  1. Use Microchip

Although a microchip can’t prevent your dog from running away like the dog fence, it can sure help you find him when he misses his way back.

Microchips are usually very small tracking devices, about the size of a grain of rice. It is a permanent means of electronic identification with a unique ID that can help you find your dog if he ever goes missing. It is implanted between at the back of your pet’s neck and easily detected with a microchip scanner.

  1. Get him a GPS collar

Knowing your dog’s location is one of the best ways to find a missing dog. A GPS dog tracking collar has a built-in GPS receiver in the collar, this device will make you find your dog if he ever runs away.

  1. Get a rabies tag

Rabies tags are also great ways to find stray dogs. They are used to verify rabies vaccination. Every dog must possess a valid rabies vaccination tags along with their pet identification tags.

Whenever your dog runs away, your friends or neighbors can easily identify him using his license or rabies tag. Strangers and passersby can also use his rabies tag to know the name & address of the owner or even take him to the nearest police station.

What to do when your dog run away

If your dog goes missing for let’s say 2-5 days, stay calm and report it to the nearest police station. If you should also hang some posters around so neighbors or passersby can help you identify him or pick him up if they ever do.

If you’re lucky, you may see Fido running around looking for his way back. When you catch him, don’t punish or yell at him. If you ever take your frustration or anger on the dog. If you do, if he ever runs away again, he will be scared of coming back home due to fear of punishment. Instead, praise, embrace and offer him treats. It would cheer him up and make sure he never runs too far from home again.

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Snake Bite in Dogs – Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment https://bulldogspost.com/snake-bite-in-dogs/ https://bulldogspost.com/snake-bite-in-dogs/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:42:57 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=8 Snake Bite in Dogs – Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment Read More »

Snake bites on dogs can either lead to death or affect your dog’s life negatively. Snake attack dogs more than other domestic animals in the world and the fatality rate is alarming. Poisonous serpents and lizards are found in most parts of the United States but very prominent in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Puppies are naturally curious and are usually victims on there the first encounter with these serpents. Bites from nonpoisonous snakes are painful but not fatal. It can only cause infection, inflammation, redness, and numbness. But bite from a venomous snake is so potent that the puppy would be dead in less than an hour unless first aid treatment for a snake bite is administered before that time frame.

Over 10,000 people are bitten annually by venomous snakes in the US. The fatalities are kept well under 100 thanks to anti-venom and modern medicine. Most dogs aren’t so lucky, their owners don’t know that they have been bitten until it’s too late. 

In this article, I’m gonna teach you how to protect your dogs from snakes, how to know when your dog has been bitten by a venomous snake, first aid for snakebite in dogs and best ways to keep snakes away from your homes. The content of this post is not just applied to dogs. It also works for humans, cats, and other pets.

Snakes In The United States

Snakes In The United States

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles that have adapted over the years to live comfortably in any type of habitat & climate from swamps to deserts, marshes, forests, savanna, and grasslands. Being cold-blooded, snakes can’t regulate their body temperatures, so they seek out warm places above trees, rocks, burrows, or bushes and even in our homes. They slitter in a freely into our homes like they own the place and find the warmest places to relax.

Snakes bites usually occur after winter. When the snow has melted and the sun is shining brighter in spring, early fall or summer. They have been brumating [medical term for “hibernation” in snakes] and fasting for months. So when the snow melts, they like to get their fangs on whatever they can humans, rats or our furry four-legged friends.

There are 2 types of snakes: venomous and non-venomous serpents.

Venomous Snakes

The venomous snake poses the greatest threat to dogs. There are close to 30 species of venomous snakes in the United States alone. They are classified into Crotalids and Elapidae. Some of the most notorious kinds of venomous snakes in the USA are rattlesnakes, pit vipers, copperheads, the eastern coral snake, and cottonmouths.

Venomous snakes possess a large number of toxins that cause tissue damage and destroy the nervous system. When a snake bites a dog, human or any other animal, it injects venom from two hollow fangs directly into the tissue. Once the venom is absorbed, It is carried into the system by the lymphatic system around the body, making death certain within an hour.

Non Venomous Snakes

Just because they are non-venomous doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. I believe non-venomous snakes pose more threats to dogs especially little puppies and growing dogs. Non-venomous snakes are usually bigger and stronger then venomous snakes.

These types of snakes kill by constriction. Meaning your puppy might have gone to the garden to ease himself and never come back. You may think that he ran away but sadly, he may have been attacked by one. Some of the most notable non-venomous snakes are pythons, garter snakes, bull snakes, boas, kingsnakes, black racers and of course anacondas.

Not all non-venomous snakes are constrictors. Some smaller species can’t aren’t big enough to constrict a dog, so they have toxic bites that aren’t deadly. Although not deadly, these bites can cause severe pain, itching, inflammation, and dizzyness to dogs.

Why Do Snakes bite dogs?

Protect Dog From Snake

Envenomation is a medical/veterinary term used to describe snake bites in dogs. Snakes usually attack when they are threatened or provoked. This means that a snake would only attack your dog because he did not thread around it cautiously, he attacked the snake, or was too curious to find out was it was.

Population density and other human activity affect the rate of snakebites worldwide. You see, with the constant rise of urbanization, people are moving into places that were once thick forest and popular snake habitat/breeding grounds.

Once a new family moves to this place, encounters with these serpents are very common and from time to time, the dogs or his puppy would get attacked by a snake. 

Symptoms of snakebite on dogs

Symptoms Of Snake Bite In Dogs

When your dog is attacked by a snake, you may not notice because he can just walk up to you and say “Help! Help! I’ve been bitten by a rope”. He would usually feel bad, run to his bed and lay down. You have to be observant to know when your dog has been bitten by a serpent.

Identifying the species of snake is one of the best ways to start a snake bite diagnosis on dogs and save the life of your dog. With a proper diagnosis, you can easily identify if the bites on the dog are fatal or harmless.

As a good pet owner, you should know when your dog’s behavior changes. The effect of the snake venom on the dog’s system is active almost immediately.

The symptoms of snakebite on dogs usually appear within 20 minutes and 1 hour after the dog was bitten, depending on the snake that attacked him, the specie of snake and the toxicity of its venom. These are the general symptoms of snake bites on dogs:

  • Fang marks
  • Swelling around the bite area
  • Excessive drooling
  • Bleeding from the bite area
  • Diarrhea, Nausea, trembling, shaking/twitching of muscles
  • General body pain and Sudden weakness(tetraparesis)
  • Respiratory problem 
  • Excessive salivation and foaming around the mouth (ptyalism)
  • Paralysis
  • Drop-in blood pressure & collapse
  • Itching/weakness of the muscles (ataxia).
  • Dilated pupils not responsive to light.
  • Blood in the urine.

When your dog gets bitten by a snake, it would be awesome if you know the snake that bit your dog, this allows the vet to administered anti-venom early & properly. Dog bitten by venomous snakes will die if anti-venom is not administered on time.

When your dog gets bitten by a non-venomous snake, the wound is not a big deal. It wounds only become infected if it is not treated. In general, these are the major difference in bites between venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Non-venomous snake Venomous snake
Multiple bite marks around the woundProfuse bleeding from the woundMinor pain around the bite areaShaking and dizzynessExcessive salivationVomitingRapid, shallow breathingMuscle damage (necrosis)Tissue damageBleeding from the wound site 

How to Treat a Snake Bite on a Dog

Untreated snake bites are the most fatal. Approximately 80% of pets in the United States survive a snake bite if they received proper treatment in time. A prompt response is important when dealing with a snake bite in dogs. 

There is not much that you can do when your dog is bitten by a venomous snake. The best thing you can do is to rush your dog to a vet and try to identify/recognize the specie of snake that attacked him.

As a good dog parent, you should also try to memorize all the symptoms of the envenomation on your dog and seek medical attention from a vet as fast as possible.

There are also some recommended first aid treatments that can be administered for snake bites in dogs. If you can’t get to a proper health center in time, the best first aid you can administer is to make sure your dog remains calm and motionless.

  • This slows down his heartbeat and the movement of the venom. You should also remove his collar or harness to allow free airways movement. You should also on the car AC and carry him to the car, from the car, and into the theatre.
  • The limit is movement as much as you can. You can also get a rope or cord and tie the area above the bite mark to restrict blood movement and slow down the spread of venom.
  • When administering first aid treatment to a bitten by a snake, you should not apply ice, slash the wound ope ad attempt to suck the venom, apply tourniquet, alcohol or pain killer.

Veterinary Treatment For Snake Bites 

Veterinary treatment for snake bites varies depending on how severe the case is, symptoms & specie of snake. Treatment for envenomation usually involves the administration of antivenom, oxygen supplementation, antivenene, and intravenous fluids to neutralize the effect of the snake venom in the dog’s system. 

How To Prevent Snake Bites in Dogs

Snake Bite In Dog

There is no foolproof way to prevent snake bites in dogs, but there are simple steps you can take to reduce attack around your home. Taking these delicate procedures doesn’t just protect your dog from snake bites, It also protects you, your family and any other pet that you have.

These are the best way to prevent snake bites in dogs:

  • The best way to prevent snake bites in dogs is to keep a close eye on him especially in areas where there have been sightings of venomous snakes. Some of the most common places where dogs get bitten by snakes are backyard, hiking trails, campsites, riverbeds, bushes, and gardens.
  • Always be alert when you go out with your dog in any of these places. When you are around snake-infested areas, wear boots and carry your dog. DO NOT put your hands inside holes in rocks, woodpiles, and deep grass.
  • Dogs are naturally inquisitive. When exercising them in a snake-infested area, always use a leash.
  • Over 46% of snake bites occur when they are provoked. When you see a snake, Keep a 6ft distance between you/your dog and the snake. If you see the snake trying to attack your dog. DO NOT try to catch or kill the snake [some species of snakes are protected by the states], you may end up getting bitten.

Even if you kill the snake, do not pick it up with your hands. The head of a snake can stay alive for up to an hour after the body has been severed.

  • One of the best ways to prevents snake bites is to know the snakes in the area. You can look up the most dangerous snakes in Africa, the USA, or Australia, understand their behaviors, characteristics and then take preventive measures.
  • Keep your backyard, lawn, garden clean, your grasses of short, and remove all garbage bin stay too close to the house. This will reduce hiding spots for snakes.
  • If you have a garden, consider planting snake/reptile deterring plants like Marigolds, Andrographis Paniculata, Indian Snakeroot, or West Indian Lemongrass. These plants are not toxic to dogs.
  • Install snake fencing. A snake fence is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent and reduce snake bites around the home.

What do I do if I find a deadly snake?

Instead of looking for a big stick to kill it and put your life in danger, the best course of action is to contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) on (08) 9219 9000 or (08) 9474 9055 for a free Snake Removal Service.

In conclusion, as a good pet owner, you should try as much as you can to keep your pet and family safe from these dangerous serpents. If you stay in areas where snakes and humans come in close contact, you should keep your eyes peeled for snakes wandering about especially around noon. When the temperatures reach about 56º or higher.

Have this article helped you? If would be nice to let others know about it and keep safe. Use any of the share buttons below to give it to a friend that needs to protect their dogs from snakes.

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How To Protect Your Dog From Alligators https://bulldogspost.com/alligator-attack-dogs/ https://bulldogspost.com/alligator-attack-dogs/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:36:20 +0000 https://bulldogspost.com/?p=11 How To Protect Your Dog From Alligators Read More »

If you reside in Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, or Mississippi then this article is for you. From time to time people and pets residing in these areas run into alligators and most times it doesn’t end well.

A dog may be a pet, best friend, and companion, but to large predators like crocodiles and alligators, your pooch is just another dessert on his menu. Although alligator attacks on humans are rare, the same cannot be said for dogs.

Crocs and gators love dogs in a gustatory sense. A 6ft gator can easily eat an adult great dane, pitbull, bull mastiff, or German shepherd in less than 30 seconds. A smaller gator can easily have a poodle or terrier for lunch.

Adult alligators can feed on virtually anything from carrion to horse, turtles, cows, dogs, and even humans. Alligator has even been pictured attacking lawn mowers and weed eaters that wandered too close to the edge of the water.

Although humans have killed more alligators than I can count, the same cannot be said for dogs. Dogs are one of the biggest victims of alligator attacks in the U.S. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and fond of chasing things around. When they chase an alligator too close to the water, the alligator would snatch and drag them into the water.

Why crocodiles attack dogs?

Alligator attacking dog

The population of crocodiles and alligators in America is still on the rise. Most people especially tourists still venture into new “terrains for a fresh start” to rent or build new homes due to cheap prices on land and properties in these areas.

They construct homes in places where they can have daily encounters with these creatures. This is one of the main causes of gator attacks in the USA. Living close to crocs & gators is a bad idea. Sometimes these animals can be bold enough to wander into your house, looking for food in the garbage or a small bull terrier snack.

The reasons why crocodiles attack dog is still not clear. Some crocodiles are scared of dogs while others see dogs as food. For instance, in Burundi where there is a legendary man-eating crocodile called Gustav reign on top of the food chain. Gustav has been known to attack just humans especially children that went close to/into the Ruzizi River to fetch water and fisherman that went into the river to catch fishes. 

Gustav doesn’t attack other animals or crocodiles just the people that really water. The villagers used dogs as an early warning system. Small dogs would be put on small buoyant materials and placed into the water with a rope attached to pull it back in. 

So when the dog starts barking villagers would know that Gustav is around and get as far away from the water as possible. Gustav never attacked any of these dogs as usual just people that were off guard.

Then there is the case of Pippa the terrier in Australia. According to independent News UK, Pippa has been chasing Crocs for years until a particular day when Crocs got fed up and had him for lunch. This essentially means that a crocodile or an alligator behavior is still unpredictable it might decide to attack your dog or run away. 

But don’t be deceived an alligator will always attack your dog if he wanders too close to the edge of the water. You see alligator kill their prey by drownings, so entering into the water or stepping too close to the edge of alligator-infested water will always cause an attack. Crocs see dogs the same way we see turkeys just before thanksgiving.

Another reason why an alligator will attack a dog is because of a probable famine. When there’s a shortage of food in that particular area, alligators and crocs will wonder deep into human settlements to find food in garbage dumps, farms, golf courses or train stations. 

Crocs looking for a mate can travel long distances to find one. It can easily overwhelm any dog in sight especially when passing through human settlements. 

How to prevent alligator attacks on dogs

Protect dog from alligators

The best way to protect your dog from an alligator attack is by simply being a smart pet owner. Do not walk your dog or any other pets too close to alligator or crocodile settlements.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and would almost always investigate a new smell. Taking your dog as far away any possible crocodile habitat is the best way to protect your dog from crocodile attacks.

  • Sell or dispose of everything that will attract crocs, gators, raccoons, bears and other wildlife to your house. Items like grill or barbecue stoves should be discarded until all dangerous wildlife are relocated. You should also consider installing an electric fence.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog especially on dog parks that are close to lakes.
  • Make sure that you are outdoor trash cans at half tightly fitted leads that cover it properly, and always make sure that the lid is closed. This will help contain the smell. It won’t just prevent attacks from not just sewer crocodiles but also bears, raccoons, foxes, and other wildlife near you.
  • Never take your dog to a river or lake for a drink. Crocodiles have super sensitive skin that senses movement in and out of the water. So, taking your dog for a drink in crocodile-infested water is inviting a crocodile for lunch.
  • Stop feeding crocodiles. This is illegal in some parts of the united states. Plus, feeding crocs and gators gives them the courage to walk up to people for food. Alligators that are not afraid of humans are considered the most dangerous types of alligators. When they get too close you or your dog can become food. Crocodiles aren’t very smart, they don’t know the difference between being fed and being food. They will always see the person feeding them as food. 
  • If you stay in the place too close to a lake or river, you should install a fence around your property. You should also hang warning signs and protect the life of orders.
  • Be extra careful when you go out at night and croc breeding seasons. Crocs and gators can travel up to 400km to find a mate or prey. Runaway as fast as you can if you ever see one. Nursing mothers are the most ferocious of these creatures, they will do anything to protect their young. 
  • If you see a crocodile nest, cautiously get as far away from that area as possible. Croc mums are never far from her nest. Crocodiles’ mating season spans from April to June. After mating the females, they build their nest and their eggs are laid on or before September. This means you should be careful if you live in areas where crocodiles have been sited during this period.
  • Another efficient way to prevent an alligator attack is to keep the grasses in your lawn and backyard low. Always trim the grasses around your house and make sure they are kept very low. Crocodiles are good in the art of camouflage in both land and water. When grasses are low, you easily spot basking crocs and gators from a distance and quickly run to safety or call for help.
  • Looking straight into the into crocodile-infested waters is also not safe even if you’re on a bridge or a boat. A crocodile can also launch itself vertically like rockets into the air with the help of powerful muscles in their tails. When you are looking straight down into the water and a crocodile launches itself up, it can drag you or anything above down into the water. 
  • Even if you see an alligator on land do not approach it. Don’t be deceived by their sluggish movement or fat physique, Crocodiles are Olympic athletes capable of going up to 15 miles per hour. If you ever see one on land don’t approach it for a selfie or video. Back away as slowly and quietly as possible.
  • Finally and most importantly, contact your local wide life resource commissions near you. if you ever cite an alligator or crocodile, call them and report it. According to the North Carolina wildlife resource, any alligator or crocodile that poses a threat to the lives around that area or damaged/attacked any property, livestock or pet would be immediately removed.

What do you do when your dog is attacked by an alligator?

How To Protect Dog From Alligator

Truth be told, there is nothing you can do instead of putting yourself at risk or directly into harm’s way, get far away from that area. A crocodile Jaw is often referred to as a death trap, once it latches onto something it is Never Letting Go. 

Crocodiles have 64 pointy teeth that are sharp and strong enough to break human bones like twigs. There is pretty much nothing you can do to stop a crocodile attack on your dog, it usually doesn’t last more than 20 seconds. The only thing you can do is call 991 or alert a local Ranger to help relocate the croc.

What to do when you are attacked by a crocodile?

You still have a greater chance of survival if you’re ever attacked by a crocodile. If you are in the water and you see a croc approaching you to try to get to out of the water as slowly and calmly.

If you’re unlucky and there is none around you, then you have to battle with the Croc, “Mano a Croco”. When a croc attack it will always attempt to drown its prey. This essentially means it will bite you and try to pull you down. When it does, muster all your strength and be ready to attack.

Use your hand, fingers, legs, thumb or any sharp objects around you to attack his face especially its eyes and snout. These are the most sensitive parts in all the Crocs armored body. If it attacks and you keep fighting it back, it will eventually decide that it’s better to let you go.

If an alligator ever approaches you on the land run as fast as possible. DO NOT run the zigzag hoping to maneuver it. You should run on a straight line as fast as you can. Crocs and gators can only manage a speed of 15mph for 40 seconds at most. If you are a good climber, climb any tree or pole.

Crocs and gators play very important roles in the ecosystem in their weird way, but it won’t be fun to see your dog eaten alive by a crocodile. It is important to prepare yourself, just in case you encounter any one of them. Share this article with a friend who needs it. Who knows which dog an alligator would attack next.

What You Should Know About Crocs & Gators In The USA. 

Protect Dog From Alligator

Crocodiles and alligators are cold-blooded reptiles that have been roaming the earth for more than 200 million years. Their years of practice have allowed to perfect the art of hunting & made them some of the most elite predators on the Earth. They are amphibians but stay predominately in water. 

Crocodiles have an acute sense of smell, sight, hearing and armored sensitive skin. This is an all-natural an evolutionary advantage that allows them to reign supreme as apex predators in the most food chain. They are ambush predator, they can hold their breath for up to 2 hours submerged underwater waiting for the right time to strike.

Crocs and Gators are semiaquatic and can live on freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater. They can easily migrate from rivers to oceans, lakes, dams and other water habitats in tropical or subtropical climate around the world.

Alligators don’t hibernate day bromate. This means that instead of sleeping through the winter they hide in dens, sewers or burrows in the earth where they can regulate their body temperature and slow down their feeding mechanism.

American alligators are a subspecies of crocodile that usually have large long bills entity pointing outside their mouth. They can grow up to a length of 15 feet but saltwater crocodiles their long-distance relative can grow up to 20 feet.

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Companion dogs are the most painful to lose especially for kids. It’s even more painful when you lose them to disease than old age. Some people prefer donating the body of their dog for research, study, and veterinary training, others prefer to cremate their dog.

I think burying your dog is the best option. Backyard dog burial is one of the most popular and easiest ways to show so love to your pet one last time. Here’s is step by step guide on how to bury a dog:

1. Prepare The Body

After you confirmed that your pal is gone, you should mourn him and get yourself ready to bury him. You can ask your vet to help you prepare your dog for burial. The best way your vet can help you is by placing your dog’s corpse in cold storage until you are ready to take him home for burial.

Perhaps there is no room in the clinic, there are still ways to preserve your dog’s body at home until you are ready for burial. If you have a spare fridge in your basement or attic, you can keep your dog in there for temporary cold storage if necropsy wasn’t performed on him.

You can store your dead dog’s corpse in a small fridge until you are ready to bury him. If you plan on preserving his body this way, wash his body and wrap him in a large bed sheet, towel or plastic bag and place his body inside the freezer.

The reason why you’re doing this is to keep his body fresh. If you don’t, it will start giving off a foul odor and attract flies, which makes the whole task more difficult. You must keep your dog in cold storage until you are ready to bury him.

Once you’ve completed this part, you should purchase a burial container. A pet coffin or small carton box will do just fine. If you prefer using a pet coffin, you can buy one on Amazon or ask a carpenter to make one for you.

2. Finding a Burial Ground

You must look for the “perfect” place to bury your dog. If you can’t make up your mind on where to bury your dog, pick a place that both of you had wonderful times and made memories.

When choosing a dog burial site, pick a place that is not likely to be excavated for construction, a place far away from water sources, and underground pipes or cables. Here’s a small checklist you should go with when picking a dog burial site:

  • Pick an easily accessible location. Don’t bury him on somewhere like a mountain top and make visiting him seem like hard work.
  • A place that is a bright and beautiful place that can make you smile, not a depressed dreary area.
  • Bury your dog in a place that won’t be renovated or eroded for a long time. This will prevent his corpse from being dug up and you reburying him.
  • Silence speaks better than words. If you don’t know what to say keep quiet and reflect on the memories you had. It’s ok to cry a little, just let your heart do the talking.
  • Go with someone just in case you get to have a panic attack or feel numb.
  • Do not bury your dog close to any water source or body.
  • Finally, don’t let the grief overwhelm you.

3. Preparing The Grave

You are one step closer to preparing the perfect resting place for your dog. One of the most important things to note when burying your dog is to always dig deep. 

Digging a grave for your dog is work but it’s worth it. When your dog starts decomposing, the smell and gases emitted from there body can be detected by wild animals. If you dig a shallow grave, these animals can easily locate and dig out the remains of your dog.

When the grave large enough to accommodate the dog’s body with at least 3 feet away from the top. This protects the remains of your dog from foxes, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, other pets, wild animals, and other scavengers.

When preparing your dog’s grave, use his size/measurement to picture how deep you have to dig. The grave should be at least 4ft deep. This leaves plenty of room for sand and stones covering for extra protection.

You should also consider getting a professional 811 service so that you don’t hurt yourself by digging to close to gas pipes or electrical lines. Check your local laws & ordinances if it allows home burials. You can also use a pet cemetery if you are not allowed to bury your dog in your backyard or property.

4. Hold a Wake

Holding a wake for your dog isn’t a totally bad idea. This is one of the best ways to honor your dog and say your final goodbyes before he goes back into the earth and becomes one with nature.

In this stage, you should take his body from cold storage and place it in a pet coffin or any small box of your choice. Make sure that the burial container for the dog is biodegradable [Not plastic or nylon, but natural and perishable]. You can also choose to make it a private or a small open party.

It’s super helpful your kids gather around him to say their final goodbyes, hugs, and accept the loss of their dog. You can also bring other pets outside to sniff around the grave/corpse and understand the situation. The best place to hold a wake for your dog would be the backyard.

5.The Burial

Finally, this is goodbye. Your dog has but up a good fight and deserves to rest properly. This is where you put all the pain, sorrows, and his body. You only have the power to hold onto the memories.

Like I said earlier, make sure you bury your dog in a biodegradable enclosure made of wood, paper bags, cardboard boxes, tissue paper or cotton. Avoid burying your dog in plastic bags and other non-biodegradable materials.

Once you place him in the ground, cover the grave properly with earth, rocks, and stones. It may have a little bump on top, but don’t worry, it would flatten over time. You can also make a concrete grave for him.

Finally, add a small landmark to your dog’s final resting place. You can plant an oak, acorn, lily, bush, flag or a small pet memorial stone.

After the burial, have a little funeral service. This helps the grieving children, friends, and family members to get a bit of a relief. You and the kids can place toys, poems, letters, drawings, flags or photos in/on the grave.

Tools & Items You Need To Bury a Dog

Most people prefer to bury their dogs by themselves and privately, you’ll need some tools for the digging, burying, land-marking and much more if you wish to perform all of your dog’s burial rites on your own. These are the tools you’ll need to bury your dog:

1. Hand Gloves

Since your going to be handling the body of your dog, you’ll need a hand glove to protect yourselves from contagious germs, diseases and other parasites that may be on his body,

2. Pet Casket

Pet casket is one of the most essential items for a successful dog burial process. You can get one for as low as $28 or make one yourself out of a small carton box. It doesn’t have to be fancy, decorated with gold and jewels, any simple casket that suits your taste is just fine.

3. Shovel

You’re also going to need a shovel. You can get 2 or 3 shovels so that your friends can help you dig. If you plan on digging alone, make sure that you dig a grave in places where the earth is not hard and rocky.

4. Tombstone

A pet headstone is also great for dog burials. You can purchase it online, order one from a sculptor or use a medium-sized rock. The best approach is to make one yourself [with your kids, if you have any]. This would help ease the grief & pain.

Why Dog Burials Are Important

Dog Burial

Burying your dog is the best thing to do after you lost your pal. In most cultures, burial signifies rest/sleep. And a proper burial is like good sleep, the best you can give to your dog after he’s gone. These are some of the reason why you should bury your dog:

1. You get inner peace

The relief that you get when you say your final goodbyes before you put your sleeping beauty in the ground is… I can’t describe it, no words can, burying your dog takes that pain off your chest. Anyways, you virtually put your pain into the casket and 4 feet under the earth instead of your dog.

Though those moments are very painful you’d feel better after the burial has been completed. The moment you say goodbye, all the pain, hysterical thoughts, strong emotions, and guilt would subside.

2. Its goodbye for now

In most cultures and beliefs worldwide, a burial ceremony doesn’t just mean placing a corpse in a casket, tomb or grave and placing him deep into the earth.

Burials are sacred traditions and rites performed by the loved ones of the deceased, to ensure that his spirit passes safely through the underworld and he rests in peace as he continues to exist in the afterlife.

Burying your dog is your way of saying “goodbye, till next, we meet”. This is probably the best gift you can give to your life long pal. Burying your dog is better than cremating him, leaving him or decay.

3. It brings closure

Standing alone with your dog in his grave and you looking at him and seeing through the dirt, casket, and the cold hands of death bring more closure than you can imagine.

You can stand there for hours looking, speaking and listening to him and seeing past everything. If he was your best friend, you’d understand what he was saying and speak back to him with more certainty.

Cost Of Burying A Dog

Burying your dog is much cheaper than cremating him. If you want to cremate your dog, it will cost you $200-400, and you may even get the remains of other people or dogs mixed up in there. You can bury your dog for as low as $130.

Where to Bury Your Dog

If you finally made up your mind to bury your dog, you can easily bury your dog at home, in the park, woods, countryside or any cemetery or graveyard close to you.

The best place to hold a dog burial is at home. If you’ve got a garden, you can buy a big garden plot, but him inside and plant beautiful lilies on top. Each time you see those lilies and tend to them, you’ll surely remember your beautiful best friend.

If you’ve got a small backyard or lawn, you can still place them to rest close to you. An article on the conversation believed that burying dogs and other pets in the backyard is wrong.

It also stated that home burial is dangerous because other pets or predators that can easily dig up & consume the remains along with other harmful chemicals. It’s a pretty decent argument. So, If you bury your dog in your backyard, cover the top with concrete or rocks.

If you’re not violating any laws, the park is another excellent place to bury your dog. You can bury him close to a nice oak tree facing the west and come witness a beautiful sunset with him anytime you need the best pal to talk to.

Burying dogs in parks and other public areas is illegal in some parts of the state. Make sure you contact the parks office before you do anything.

Is It Illegal To Bury Your Dog In Your Backyard

Depending on where you stay, you’ll have to find out if it is is it illegal to bury your dog in your backyard or not. The laws concerning pet home burial differ by state, county or municipality.

Don’t bury your pet in your backyard unless stated, even if the property legally belongs to you. Some laws and policies prevent owners from burying their dogs close to their homes.

You can contact an attorney, local authorities, or county sanitarian for more information.

For example, In the UK, burying your dog in your backyard is illegal, if you don’t own the place. This is because your dog’s remains are considered by the state to be hazardous waste.

A dog that was euthanized or given chemotherapy should not be buried close to your house for the safety of other pets. Places like Michigan, Washinton, and Missouri also forbid backyard pet burial.

If your dog died in a veterinary clinic, and the body withheld the body from you, you have the right to ask for a written explanation if you plan to take your dog home for burial.

But if you own the property, I’d advise you to bury your dog at home. But if it is not yours and you plan on moving soon, burying the dog in your backyard is not the best option. There are few laws or rules regarding home pet burial

There are few laws or rules regarding home pet burial. You should take him to a cemetery or graveyard to rest. This way, your dog can rest and his grave won’t be renovated to a garbage dump and you can easily visit him when you feel like.

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