Why Dogs Run Away

Why Dogs Run Away

Over 70 million stray animals are living in the United States, and dogs make up 14% of this figure. Almost 10 million stray dogs are running around in the U.S. and most shelters can’t accommodate more than 4,000. Most dogs accidentally run away from home and end up becoming strays. Stray or street dogs are …

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Snake Bite in Dogs – Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Snake Bite In Dogs

Snake bites on dogs can either lead to death or affect your dog’s life negatively. Snake attack dogs more than other domestic animals in the world and the fatality rate is alarming. Poisonous serpents and lizards are found in most parts of the United States but very prominent in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, …

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How To Bury A Dog

Dog Burial

Companion dogs are the most painful to lose especially for kids. It’s even more painful when you lose them to disease than old age. Some people prefer donating the body of their dog for research, study, and veterinary training, others prefer to cremate their dog. I think burying your dog is the best option. Backyard …

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