About Us

Thanks for stopping by! Launched in February 2020, Bulldogs Post is a blog that offers dedicated pet advice, product reviews, healthy dog treat recipes, dog training tips, health advice, news, memes, and DIY projects you should try out with your dog. Bulldog’s post was made to ensure that every user learns something new. We strive to give you useful tips that would help you take better care of your dog. We understand how difficult it is to take good care of a dog, and we hope to make it easier for you and your four-legged best friend.



Hi there, I’m Dr. Lisa Anderson (DMV). I had my first dog when I was only eight years old and ever since I’ve always had a dog with me. My passion and love for dogs led me to study veterinary medicine at the University of Michigan, where I graduated with a 4.2 CGPA in the year 2019. Bulldogs Post was inspired by Steve Rogers [Captain Rogers], my three-year-old Jack Russel.

He came to me one day and said, “Hey Lisa, let’s start a blog and teach everyone everything we know and make the world a better place for man and man’s best friend”. Since then, I’ve been learning web development and SEO. Although I still have a lot to learn,  I cherish getting the chance to share my experiences with you! I hope to set up my pet store and clinic, and also work as a field researcher on National Geographic. I am also a dog breeder and have worked closely with some of America’s top vets, groomers, trainers, and researchers.


Hello, I’m glad you are here because I’ll be revealing a lot of dog secrets😜, Shhh… My name is Steve Rogers, my friends call me Captain America and I’m a superhero. When I’m not busy saving the day, I recycle, plant trees and keep the eco-system clean, I spend time with my best friends, Lisa and Lily ️❤️️ and we make kick-ass posts on our blog.       


Hey, what’s up. I’m Lily, co-founder of Bulldogs Post and a part-time chef. I’m a mom and have had a total of 19 pups. They are all grown up now. Anyways, When I’m not grumpy, I try to spend time with Lisa and teach her how to make dog treats. She a terrible cook😩😄😂. I have also taken an interest in Blogging.